C3 Propulsion has designed, built, and tested an advanced ionic liquid, controllable thrust monopropellant propulsion system, that utilizes low toxicity propellants and demonstrates enhanced performance.

The monopropellant uses an ionic liquid that can be tailored to project specifications. This flexibility allows the monopropellant to be customized to meet multiple mission design requirements in a variety of propulsion systems.

Advantages of Ionic Liquid monopropellant technology

Technologies being sought in propulsion includes, precision landing, hazard avoidance, in-space rendezvous, longer-ranging surface mobility, and ascent/decent vehicle propulsion. We are leveraging our expertise in Ionic Liquid technology to develop controllable thrust propulsion systems that utilize low toxicity propellants and demonstrate enhanced performance.

The use of Ionic Lliquid monopropellant propulsion technology has the following advantages:

  • reduced costs in the system components and ground servicing
  • prolonged mission or systems lifetimes
  • improved reliability
  • enhanced critical mission functions.