C3 Propulsion has designed, developed, and fabricated a system to enable safe storage, handling, transportation, and shipboard use of Liquid Hypergolic Propulsion (LHP) systems.

The deployment of Liquid Hypergolic Propellants (LHP) for missile defense applications aboard surface ships and submarines, has not yet been approved by the US Navy Weapons Systems Explosive Safety Review Board (WSESRB). Moreover, limitations are imposed on shipping LHP systems by the US Air Force.

The object of this Missile Defense Agency (MDA) sponsored project was to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of a system to contain and neutralize any potential hypergolic leaks, providing personnel protection, and preventing the build-up of an explosive concentration of propellant vapors.

To this end, C3 Propulsion has integrated, within the MDA Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), the technologies it has developed in the area of hypergolic propellant leak sensing and mitigation.